Coos Bay, Oregon



Messerle & Sons is a working cattle ranch that strives to follow the ever evolving standards in the cattle industry. Our goal is to produce healthy cattle in a low stress environment. We are located in a mild climate that is conducive to growing grass and cattle. Whether it be leasing ground, partnering on cattle, or finding some other way to service a customer, we are always in the market to find grass for cattle. With our knowledge of cattle, along with our knowledge of maintaining a cattle ranch, we can offer many services in the production of cattle.

Livestock service list:
  • Custom Grazing: Feeder cattle, pairs, replacement heifers
  • Order Buying
  • Marketing
  • Mobile scales, standard scales. See our innovative mobile weigh scale at
  • Processing cattle: portable hydraulic chute, loading chute
  • Consulting
  • Pasture leasing
  • Pasture restoration
  • Livestock Transportation

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Family owned & operated. A fifth generation resource based, agriculture, forestry, and construction business.